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Hello! My name is Renee.

I make rainwater harvesting really simple.

For as long as I can remember, I have gravitated towards water. I want to create mindfulness around conservation, sustainability, and the stories that connect us through our water source — after all, we are here to learn about rainwater because it supports us, our families, and our dreams.

Somehow I fell into the world of rainwater harvesting, and because I am learning so much, meeting so many amazing people, and having so much fun on this journey (see this author picture from a scrappy author photoshoot done recently with my friend), I continue to play, write, and share. Join me on this journey!

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My Story

Have you always known you were meant for something, but you have no clue what that is? Have you known you're meant to give your gifts away to the world, but you're struggling to see how you can do that? That's me too. I can also tell you that that feeling never really quite goes away...


Imagine it's 2020, and the world has officially shut in. Everyone, including myself, started looking within for answers. I ruminated on finally starting a business (something I've always wanted to do) in order to travel, to learn about the world, and to create something for myself.

I Start Publishing Books...But Badly

In 2020, I published several books under various pen names, each one with very low confidence. It took me forever to work up the courage to even use my real first name. "What will they think? They're going to think I'm a greasy pig for wanting money!"


You see, this is ultimately a story about money, freedom, and fear, and the stories we tell ourselves about those each of those things. My parents are immigrants to the US (I am half-Chinese and half-Indian). I am a first-generation Asian-American. Money has always been synonymous with sacrifice, obligation, and duty. When I started this business, I was learning how to cut back on EVERYTHING: food costs, housing costs, energy costs...


I gained a deep appreciation for residential energy-saving strategies during that time, and I continue to ruminate on how modern homes are built without strong energy design, without harvesting natural sunlight or natural shade, or without maximizing their own ability to regulate temperature. To this day, I still fantasize about a passive cave dwelling for our Atlanta summers that would require no power to regulate its temperature. 🤔 Anyway!


Rainwater Finds Me

Before long, I gained enough skills in indie book publishing, customer research, and data analysis to learn that the world had lots of books about energy and food production (mostly about solar panels and edible gardens)...But NOT ENOUGH books (or series of books) about water. Specifically, rainwater.


Especially for beginners. 


When I first decided I was going to write a book to help beginners install their first rainwater harvesting system, I was scared beyond belief. I knew NOTHING about this topic. But, I suppose I was willing to ask "stupid" questions to tons of strangers on Facebook (I spent hundreds of hours in Facebook groups, chatted with amazing people across the world on Facebook Messenger, and worked through calculations with my engineer husband to make pump recommendations), be the beginner (over and over and over again…and risk ridicule for my lack of experience, but maintain my curiosity despite it all), and research & write like hell. For 8 months.

I Publish a Book that's Actually Helping People!

What was born? "Harvesting Rainwater for Your Homestead in 9 Days or Less." The #1 bestselling Amazon book on rainwater for the past year.


Thank you to all who are supporting and believing in this book. 🌻


Stay tuned for more about Book #2, “Purifying Rainwater for Your Homestead in 29 Minutes or Less". Join my email list for the latest in keeping your rainwater clean, or join the Facebook group to meet rainwater harvesters just like you from around the world.

Fun Facts About Me

I love traveling around the world, bikepacking, camping, and outdoor cooking, as well as all water sports and activities. I live near Atlanta with my husband and hilarious gray cat, Luther (connect with me on Instagram to see what outdoor adventure we're up to lately!) Looking for buddies to go surfing, diving, and saltwater fishing with...

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Let's connect about rainwater, indie publishing and book marketing, conservation, and outdoor adventure.


I can't wait to hear from you!

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