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Free Rainwater Harvesting Guides

When installing your first rain barrel, tote, or tank, the details can quickly get confusing. I've broken down a lot of the information into doable, step-by-step how-to guides that will grow your confidence in harvesting your own rain. Let's go!

9 Mistakes Contaminating Your Rainwater Right Now (and How to Fix Them!)

Many rainwater harvesters have toxins or pathogens breeding in their water tanks due to common, preventable mistakes. Before you install your system, know how to avoid the 9 most common mistakes first.

How to Install a Rain Barrel in 1 Afternoon

If you've always wanted to install a rain barrel, but you're still confused by all the options out there or what accessories you need, look no further than this guide. Comes with variations so you can get creative with it!

How to Install Your Homestead's 500-gallon Cistern

Did you know that 1" of rain can lead to 600 gallons of rainfall? If you only have a rain barrel, it may be time to install a cistern on your property to collect as much of that water as you can (

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