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Is My Book for You?

I hate to be misunderstood, so this is my attempt to describe who this book is for, and how it came to be.

There are several comments and reviews about this book that describe this book as "too simple" or "could have been a blog post."

Before this book existed, there had never been a rainwater harvesting book that walks beginners through the process of aspiration to actualization in a series of concrete how-to steps.

For those that this book IS too simple for, this book was intentionally created to be bite-sized. To distill. To reduce complexity. To make the dream real.

There are plenty of books currently, including ones I admire, such as the Avis', Brad Lancaster's, and Art Ludwig's, that provide sophisticated solutions to people who are USED TO building things.

So, where's the book for people who are NOT?

I connected with people online who left reviews on the more sophisticated books who felt constantly overwhelmed by the complexity of the rainwater harvesting systems they saw online. I connected with tons of women who were starting their first homestead, and despite being beginners, are not to be trifled with.

They are fiercely independent. They love being beginners. They love to create. They love getting their hands dirty to learn new skills. They just need help seeing the vision and from people who won't insult their intelligence.

Who cares if they've never done a plumbing or construction project before? Do I think you're "too simple" for having never done a plumbing project before?

I will always stand for the woman (or man) who is never afraid to do something they've never done before. I stand for simplicity, compassion, and slowness.

In a world that moves 10,000+ miles an hour, and where your attention is the new commodity, I stand for deep connections in a world that feels increasingly lonely.

Yes, this book is beautifully simple. It is beautifully aspirational. And it is beautifully hopeful.

It's filled with diagrams, charts, and tables that ANYONE can follow.

And that's why this book is unlike any other.

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