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Who is Renee Dang?

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

My real name is Renee Puvvada... you can actually follow my personal profile at @reneepuvvada if you'd like!

You may be surprised (or not!) that rainwater is not my only interest ;)

I have many passions, including conservation and sustainability, but also the outdoors, outdoor adventure, and traveling.

I have had many budding passions in community building, city planning, as well as natural building, natural resources, and energy.

My interest in rainwater grew as a manifestation of my passions in:

- Adventure travel

- The outdoors and conservation

- Urban and city planning

- Community & cooperation

- Business building & personal finance

- Natural building & natural resources

- Health and wellness

This post is a proclamation to the World Wide Interwebz of who my authentic self is. Honestly, in the noise, I find myself worried that people won't like Her.

But I choose Her anyway.

This journey of creating an online business and writing a series of books is the ultimate exercise in finding your authentic self. We are all comfortable molding ourselves to fit into the shape of everyone else's expectations until we are forced to confront ourselves.

So, I choose authenticity.

You will never see me position myself as the expert in rainwater, placed on a pedestal for all to see. The only reason you see me as a rainwater expert was because of the original power of my questions...not my answers.

My motto is "Come with me" rather than "look at me."

The world has the answers. I just collected them and compiled them into a book. There is just one big swirl of energy here, helping us all out.

I am you.

You are me.

Thank you for allowing me to Seek on behalf of the collective.

We all grow together.

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Midnight Badger
Midnight Badger
2023년 10월 21일

Yes! I totally resonate with what you have said - this is how I feel myself. Thank you for stepping out and being you, I’m literally just doing the same - it’s time us deep thinking and feeling introverts came forward with what we’ve been thinking about and wanting to contribute all our lives. Love and light sister Renee!

2023년 10월 23일
답글 상대:

Thank you Midnight Badger <3 Love and light to you too wherever you are on your journey! <3

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